It’s a Big Deal

Local Ad Agency Representation For Nationwide Companies

Business Type: 

Large National Company


  • Insufficient Knowledge of Local Market
  • Deficient Local Marketing Representation
  • Current Contract With Remote-based Ad Agency
  • Misconception That Local Ad Agencies Are Inferior


  • Strategic Advertisement Placement Based On Intimate Knowledge of Local Area & Trends


We offer ad placement in high-flow areas as well as lesser known medium-flow outlying areas. Billboards are strategically placed lower and closer to the viewing public’s line of sight. Rotational strategy increases brand recognition (Six to 12-month contracts with rotation scheduled every two to three months). Alternately, choose static placement in high-flow area and rotational strategy in medium-flow areas.

Keystone Posting Company is a reputable locally-based advertising agency. When you choose a local company to promote your brand, you help solidify your commitment to making our community a better place to live, work, and play.